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Moscow says there is an agreement to hold a three-way meeting between Russian Federation, the United States and Jordan to discuss the de-escalation zone in southern Syria.

The Israeli prime minister is scheduled to meet with European leaders next week and said that he intends to discuss Iran's nuclear power and find ways to block its "nuclear aspirations" and "Iran's spreading in the Middle East". In this endeavour it has formidable obstacles to overcome: "the regime is more dependent than ever on Iran, which Israel regards as its most implacable state foe; other enemies, particularly Hizbollah and Iran-backed Shiite militias, are entrenched in Syria with Russia's blessing; and the US, notwithstanding the Trump administration's strident rhetoric, has done little to reverse Iran's gains", reads a February report from the International Crisis Group. In short, the Iranian presence in Syria should be eliminated in its entirety.

Syrian government forces recently dropped leaflets on rebel-held areas in Daraa, warning of an imminent offensive and urging the insurgents to lay down their arms. "Russian Federation has given it room to act against Iran-linked military interests and appears to be more interested in balancing contending fighting coalitions than returning every last piece of territory to the Assad regime's control", the report continues.

The unconfirmed report said the negotiations were conducted last weekend between Iran's ambassador to Jordan, who was in one hotel room in Amman with Iranian security personnel, while in the next room there were senior Israeli security officials, including the deputy head of the Mossad.

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Israel has warned it will not tolerate a permanent Iranian military presence in Syria. It stressed that the Syrian army was determined to retake all parts of Syria. The report said a Jordanian mediator carried messages between the sides.

Sources briefed on the trip told Israel's Channel 10 reporter Barak Ravid that the two officials will be ratifying an existing agreement between Israel and the USA on how to deal with Iran.

Those strikes followed a barrage of some 32 rockets that were fired by Iranian forces in Syria towards Israel's part of the Golan Heights.