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Attack an act of terror Meanwhile, Belgian investigators said they are treating the attack as an act of terrorism even as they scrambled to unpick the Herman's motives. Police fatally shot Herman after taking at least one woman hostage at a nearby school.

He yelled "Allahu akbar", the Arabic phrase for "God is great", during Tuesday's rampage including when he ran out to face police the last time. "He was shot dead", Dulieu said.

The prisoner, Benjamin Herman, was on a 48-hour leave and is suspected to have killed a fourth person while on leave Monday.

Belgian prime minister Charles Michel said Herman was indirectly mentioned in state security reports on radicalisation "in notes that did not primarily target him, but others or other situations".

Amid questions about how two officers could have been disarmed, Mr Jambon praised the work of all involved, saying "the police did an extraordinary job".

"She was very courageous and perhaps, but this we will have to verify, she helped avoid more victims in the school", Interior Minister Jambon said.

Christian Beaupere said the attacker, whom he did not name, also wounded four other officers.

When the assailant began shooting through a window looking on the schoolyard, Darifa started screaming, she said.

"The hostage-taker has been neutralized, the two police officers have died, the passenger of a vehicle passing on the boulevard has also lost their lives".

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"We are publishing the photo of our two colleagues in honor of the wonderful women, mothers and police officers who were", they say.

Officials said the attacker stabbed two officers before killing them with their own guns. He attacked police in a way recommended by ISIS.

An official at the Belgian federal prosecutor's office has told The Associated Press that "there are indications" that the shooting in the eastern city of Liege could be a terror attack. He has been sentenced on assault, drug and insubordination charges.

Herman was out on day release in the city of Liege when he crept up behind two female officers and stabbed them repeatedly.

Belgium's Interior Minister Jan Jambon said that investigators were trying to establish "exactly what happened" and that "our thoughts are with the victims of this frightful act".

This is not the first time that attackers inspired by the ideology of the IS have carried out attacks of this kind in Western countries participating in the military alliance headed by Washington, which has been bombarding and otherwise fighting the jihadis since 2014.

Eric Van Der Sypt, spokesman for the Belgian federal prosecutor's office, told the Agence France-Presse that "There are elements that point in the direction that this is a terrorist act".

Special attention is being given to the gruesome killing of an alleged heroin dealer linked to Herman who was bludgeoned to death with a hammer late Monday in a village near the Luxembourg border.

Belgium remains on high alert after a string of attacks, including twin suicide bombings in Brussels in 2016 claimed by the Islamic State group.