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Mr. Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, was arrested outside Leeds Crown Court on Friday, and pleaded guilty to contempt of court after publishing information that could prejudice an ongoing trial.

The judge who sentenced him said Robinson's actions could cost taxpayers "hundreds and hundreds of thousands of pounds".

Robinson, founder of the English Defence League - which he left in 2013 citing concerns over the "dangers of far-right extremism" - is a self-styled journalist and commentator who issues a steady stream of anti-Muslim statements online.

Matthew Harding, representing Robinson, said his client felt "deep regret" at potentially endangering the trial.

Robinson had originally arrived at the courthouse to cover the court cases of Muslims charged with raping young women and forcing them to serve as prostitutes.

Many have painted Robinson's arrest as anti freedom of speech, with several high profile right-wingers sharing messages comparing him to Gandhi.

"Robinson has employed similar tactics before: "in May previous year, he pulled the same stunt outside Canterbury Crown Court and was given a suspended sentence for 18 months and explicitly warned, "[If you] turn up at another court, refer to people as "Muslim paedophiles, Muslim rapists" and so on and so forth while trials are ongoing and before there has been a finding by a jury...you will find yourself inside".

A court order had been placed temporarily banning any reporting on Robinson's arrest and sentencing, as.

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Robinson was reporting on a trial involving 29 defendants who were facing charges in relation to child sex abuse and neglect.

His supporters insist freedom of speech is at stake, while critics say he was actually putting the successful outcome of criminal trials at risk.

Reporting restrictions had initially been in place preventing the media from reporting his latest conviction, but these were lifted following a legal challenge on Tuesday.

Judge Geoffrey Marson QC told Robinson: "With those rights [free speech] come responsibilities. That's one of the most most important rights that we have".

Addressing Robinson, who sat in the dock during the hearing, Judge Marson said: "I am not sure you appreciate the potential outcome of what you have done". "If the jurors in my present trial get to know of this video, I will no doubt be faced with an application to discharge the jury".

In far-right circles, the lack of media coverage over the weekend was widely touted as further evidence of a conspiracy to silence Robinson. In this case, the judge ordered a temporary media black-out because he feared reporting Robinson's conviction could influence the jury in the very case Robinson was targeting.

The lawyer representing Robinson said the right-wing activist will be in danger of being killed or seriously assaulted by other inmates while in custody.