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It's a little less common for that son to be 30 years old - and still less common for his parents' "encouragement" to take the form of a court order.

A judge ordered him out by midday of June 1, and according to local media, he left the house around two hours before that time, but not before calling the police on his parents, saying his dad was refusing to let him back into the house to collect some Lego.

Rotondo's cousin reportedly helped him move out of his parents' NY home Friday morning.

Michael Rotondo loaded up a pickup truck with several garbage bags and moved out. Instead, the father offered to look for specific items and, if he found them, bring them out. They told a judge they'd given him five written notices asking him to leave and offering financial assistance if he moved out.

On Friday, Rotondo stood outside the place he once called home but had some trouble before then.

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Adding to the confusion is the "other" Rotondo is also looking for a home, though it's in California and he's doing it with the support of his parents.

Rotondo said he is in the process of hauling the rest of his belongings out of his parents' Camillus, N.Y., house and into a storage unit. "While the police were there, the Legos were located and there was no further incident".

The millennial's parents, Mark and Christina Rotondo, filed a petition in the Supreme Court of New York State claiming they've had enough of their son living under their roof.

Rotondo lost custody and unsupervised visitation with his son in 2017.

After flying the nest, Mr Rotondo reportedly plans to spend a week at an Airbnb rental in Syracuse - paid for with media appearances stemming from his eviction - before moving in with a distant cousin. "I don't have to guess what's behind Door No. 1". Rotondo says he still believes he should have been granted more time to move out.