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Cook was speaking during Apple's annual developer conference, where his firm took veiled shots at Facebook. But Apple is now essentially forcing people to repeatedly decide whether they will allow Facebook to track information on their web browser actions.

The controls include restrictions on specific apps or the whole phone.

In showing off these features, Apple repeatedly used Facebook-owned properties as examples.

Despite this, industry experts have raised concerns, saying that the move will add tension between Apple and social media companies such as Facebook. Still, Monday's announcements are another step in a brewing spat with Facebook over privacy and data collection.

The new features were announced at the company's Worldwide Developer Conference held in San José, California.

"If you do want to interact with one of these [tools] or one of these apps tries to access that information, you'll get this [warning message] and you can decide to keep your information private", he said.

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One of the new features, which will be built into the next version of the company's Safari web browser, will block Facebook and other companies from using the "like" buttons and comment fields that often appear on pages around the web.

"We know, this is something that can help families achieve the right balance for them", Federighi said. "So this year, we're shutting that down", said Ferguson.

Another feature in Safari will limit the kinds of information that web site operators and data brokers can gather about users' computers.

Apple has unveiled new operating systems for its iPhones and computers with features created to thwart the use of secret trackers to monitor people's online activities. Safari's new anti-tracking tech will work against Facebook's use of the Like buttons and the comment boxes to track its users. Safari will share a "simplified" profile to thwart this, Apple said. They'll come with iOS 12 and macOS Mojave, both of which are due out later this year. In addition, Apple says when your browser is searching the web, they've made it more hard for, say, a company like Facebook to track where you go, and that is definitely a way that Facebook collects information.

The company is also taking they spend with particular apps and to fight back against the tactics Facebook and other companies use to repeatedly lure them back into their services.

I think that the privacy thing has gotten totally out of control and I think most people are not aware of who is tracking them, how much they're being tracked and the large amounts of detailed data that are out there about them.