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Her lawyer by her side, the woman who was punched in the head by officers arresting her on the beach during Memorial Day weekend defended her actions Wednesday during two morning news interviews.

Weinman on Good Morning America said the incident left her upset emotionally exhausted and with her neck and back hurting. Dicht said Weinman wasn't looking for trouble and was just trying to enjoy the day with her child. Weinman says there was alcohol on the beach, but it was sealed.

In body camera video released by police, Weinman refuses to provide authorities with her last name after taking a breathalyzer test and being told by an officer that he's going to have her pour out the alcohol.

Footage released by the Athens-Clarke County Police Department showed Saulters swerving in front of Patmon while trying to cut him off. Saulters then accelerated and hit Patmon with the front of the police cruiser.

Officials said yesterday the officers, identified as Thomas Cannon, John Hillman and Robert Jordan would not face charges.

Never mind that the video footage shows that Weinman may have been a victim of police aggression. Asked about police accusations that she kicked and spat at the officers, she said she wasn't sure about the kicking.

"It's ironic. The officer who said, "You're about to get dropped" isn't charged". As to the spitting, Weinman alleged that she had gotten sand in her mouth after her head was pushed into the ground by the officer, and so she subsequently "turned around to spit it out".

"I got sand in my mouth. It definitely wasn't my attention at all", Weinman said.

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Ditcht said police piled on charges once the video went viral.

"The Saturday she was taken into custody, she was in custody a total of about 40 minutes", Dicht said.

And Weinman has been charged with aggravated assault. "I cooperated. I did everything I was asked to", Weinman said.

"They see one video and they're saying all this negative stuff about someone".

"One situation doesn't define a person..." He hadn't told her 'I'm going to issue you a summons.' He hadn't told her any of those things. As officers try to arrest her, she runs away, shouting profanities and telling them not to handcuff her.

The office said they came to the conclusion after reviewing police body camera video of the arrest and video shot by a beachgoer, as well as interviews from multiple witnesses and other related materials.

"I recognize that the video footage has raised a lot of questions regarding the officers' actions", Cape May County Prosecutor Jeffrey H. Sutherland said in a statement.

Sutherland said was aware of the emotion surrounding the video but made his decision based on facts.