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Due to California's unusual primary system, all candidates appear on a single primary ballot, with the top two vote-getters advancing regardless of party.

On the whole, Tuesday was a successful night for women candidates, 122 of whom appeared on ballots across the country - the most on any single primary day in us history. And one of the reasons why they have so many bills sitting there is that the Democrats are delaying everything....

President Trump said Wednesday that talk of a Democratic "blue wave" election is overblown and said results from this week's primaries suggest the country might be looking instead at "a big red wave". But that seemed to be more of a typical presidential boast than a realistic analysis of the California results. Lt. Gov. Gavin Newson, a Democrat, easily captured the top spot to succeed term-limited Jerry Brown in the deeply Democratic state's top office. That leaves open the question of whether a better-funded, more recognizable primary challenger could have beaten Menendez, whose popularity waned amid a corruption trial past year.

With a Republican now competing in the most important statewide election, the GOP believes it can turn out its vote in November and protect vulnerable members of Congress in districts that voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Democratic state Sen. Josh Newman will be replaced by former Republican Assemblywoman Ling Ling Chang after he was recalled for voting to raise gas taxes previous year.

Voters in seven other states went to the polls Tuesday. Neither party immediately appeared to suffer major setbacks.

"Many more Republican voters showed up yesterday than the Fake News thought possible", Trump tweeted.

Meantime, Cox made it clear he'll be fighting Newsom on taxes and California's high cost of living.

The Republican establishment also had a good night, including the strong second-place finish for Cox in California. Female Republican governors in Alabama and Iowa will vie for their first full terms after succeeding men who resigned. From the results of Tuesday's primary in California, that doesn't fare well for the Democrats.

But in at least five of them, progressive candidates could split the vote, leaving a path for Republicans to make the November runoff.

Given the state's unique election laws it will take days to sort out its competitive races and determine winners.

Trump claims Mueller probe is unconstitutional and insists he can pardon himself
Mueller is also looking into whether Trump unlawfully sought to obstruct the Russian Federation investigation . Legal experts said Trump was claiming executive privileges that few presidents had ever claimed before.

It was a big night for women, including a Democratic former Navy pilot running for a House seat in New Jersey.

In the central state of Iowa, Democrat businessman Fred Hubbell will represent his party in the governorship race against incumbent Republican Kim Reynolds, who took over the reins after former governor Terry Branstad was appointed the USA ambassador to China. If Grisham wins, she'll be the second Latina to become the state's executive, after Martinez.

They advanced candidates in key races in California (after being concerned they could be shut out), put forward what party operatives see as the best candidates in suburban New Jersey, and they feel good about their candidates who won in New Mexico and Iowa.

Deb Haaland, who secured the democratic nomination for congress in New Mexico's first congressional district, will likely be the first-ever Native-American woman to serve in Congress, as her district is a safe seat for Democrats.

Haaland said in her primary victory statement: "Donald Trump and the billionaire class should consider this victory a warning shot: the blue wave is coming".

In New Jersey, Democrats were nominated for four Republican-held seats that are considered competitive.

The other two measures give tax breaks to homeowners who install rain capture devices and delay the effective start date for ballot measures by about six weeks. Darrell Issa is retiring; so is Ed Royce.

Many of these women credit President Donald Trump's election and the potency of the Me Too movement with fueling their desire to run.

Democrats were particularly concerned about this possibility in three southern California districts. Early turnout figures indicate those efforts helped Democratic candidates draw significantly more voters than they did during the last midterm primary, in 2014, and the picture is likely to improve as the final votes are counted. The second spot remained up for grabs. He will face off against the Democratic businessman Harley Rouda who sent out a tweet today declaring, "Today 70% of voters in #CA48 rejected the failed hateful politics of @RepRohrabacher".

A key Senate race took shape in the heart of Trump country as well. While Democrats need only a net total of two seats to take command of the Senate, Democratic senators must defend a bevy of seats in rural states such as Indiana, Montana, North Dakota and West Virginia that supported Trump two years ago.