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"It has been confirmed that virtual currencies worth 35 billion won ($32 million) was stolen through late night yesterday (Tuesday) to early morning today", the exchange said in a statement. We also don't know the exact cause of the breach, but a local news outlet is reporting that investigators from South Korea's National Police Agency have begun a formal investigation into the case. However, we will make every effort to reopen the service as soon as possible, with the ultimate goal of protecting your assets. The hackers made off with over half a billion dollars' worth of digital currency in what was one of the biggest heists in history. Although Bithumb has yet to disclose which and how much cryptocurrency had been stolen, it said in the announcement that the loss will be covered by the platform. Trusting an exchange with funds is a bad idea due to the fact that it creates a "honey bag" effect to hackers who seek to break into the system for the sole goal of seizing the digital assets. A short time ago, prices for bitcoin had fallen by 2% to around $US6,600. There is a trending problem with online wallet security, a lack of urgency in protecting funds, and waning confidence in the cryptocurrency markets.

The sixth largest crypto trading platform might provide compensation for the same, but when it might start occurring is still unknown. Deposits and withdrawal services will be halted until the system is fully secured, it said. Less than two weeks ago, Coinrail lost approximately $37.2 million worth of coins following a hacking attack. Meanwhile, Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck lost more than $500 million to hackers in January.

One cyber security worker said, "The victims of hacking attacks against exchanges are the customers, so we need to come up with tougher measures".

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Last week the company carried out a security upgrade to its database and transferred some of its cryptocurrency assets to storage systems which are not connected to the internet.

In late 2017, the South Korea's Communications Commission fined Bithumb 60 million won ($54,262) for leaking user data. It has yet to reveal the specific coins stolen in the hack.