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The politicians now have 101 million and 53.1 million followers, respectively.

Well, Hamza Ali Abbasi, the most active and sometimes, no actually most of the times, a controversial social media figure lost 7.5k followers and now has 1.59 M followers. Pop music artist Katy Perry, whose account is the most followed, lost more than 2.8 million followers on Thursday, a 2.6 percent fall from the day earlier.

Microsoft cofounder and philanthropist Bill Gates lost almost 900,000 followers, while basketball star LeBron James' follower count dropped by 880,000. Locked accounts would be the first targeted as these suspicious accounts are put on a temporary lock until owners validate them and change their passwords.

On his decision, Twitter has said that many of these users may have trouble with this move, but to maintain transparency and trust, it is necessary to remove the fake people from the platform.

It's not news that President Donald Trump has always loved to speak his mind on Twitter, but now, he's going to be doing it to a smaller number of followers than he had before.

The Twitter Purge, as it were, commenced on Thursday, and plenty of high-profile Twitter users suddenly saw their follower accounts plummet. Twitter said its service-wide average drop was expected to be four followers.

Eight soccer team members rescued from flooded Thai cave, 5 remain trapped
There was heavy rain reported in the area, but that did not change the level of the water in the already flooded cave. Four boys were brought out of the cave Monday and are "safe and conscious", Chiang Rai province acting Gov.

It added, "This week, we'll be removing these locked accounts from follower counts across profiles globally".

On Wednesday Twitter began something it had long promised to do.

Self proclaimed African Most Influential Twitter and Facebook personality Xtian Dela, Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi and Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Dr Ezekiel Mutua are just but a sample of the most hit Twitter users locally in this purge.

Trump's account on Wednesday showed him with 53.4 million followers. He is the third-most followed person on the platform, according to analytics company Twitter Counter. In a major crackdown conducted today, Twitter has lashed out all the bots and fake followers who have been misusing Twitter so far. The stock gained 3.2% on Thursday.

"Our digital ecosystem is being polluted by a growing number of fake user accounts, so Twitter's commitment to cleaning up the digital space should be welcomed wholeheartedly by everyone, from users of the platforms, to creators and advertisers", Unilever Chief Marketing Officer Keith Weed wrote in an email to Bloomberg. This could arise from following many people at once, sending out tweets above the set limit or constantly sending out tweets with links leading to a false information.