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"I said the word "would" instead of "wouldn't" and the sentence should have been: 'I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be Russia.' Sort of a double-negative", The Hill reported Trump saying.

The survey was taken between July 18 to July 23 - meaning callers were reaching out to voters after Trump's controversial summit had concluded, amid media blowback and a brief effort by Trump to walk back his statement backing up Putin's "powerful" denial of election meddling. We must put aside the GOP label, as hard as that may be, and demonstrate the leadership our country needs by calling on the president to step down. Democrats, liberals and college graduates are the only groups in the poll among whom a majority say Trump went too far in supporting Putin.

Yuri Ushakov, citing a desire not to inflame what he described as an already "overheated" US political situation, said no preparations were being made to visit Washington and Putin would be open to meeting with Trump in other venues, such as a Group of 20 (G20) summit in Argentina this fall.

Defense officials in Moscow made clear, in no uncertain terms, that American military cooperation in Syria is the Trump administration's only option if the USA wants to continue its operations in the country.

USA and coalition commanders overseeing anti-Islamic State operations in Syria remain committed to military deconfliction with Russian forces in the country, deployed to support government troops loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad, Mr. Mattis said during the briefing at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University in Palo Alto. From the moment Trump's news conference alongside Putin ended on July 16, Republican and Democrats have found common ground in efforts to rein in the president's apparent desire to forge better ties with Russian Federation without confronting Moscow over election meddling.

The Russian Ministry of Defense slammed US Gen. Joseph Votel Tuesday, accusing America's top military commander in the Middle East of discrediting President Donald Trump's position after Votel expressed hesitancy about working with Russia in Syria. Trump's comments followed a speech by Pompeo in which he stopped just short of advocating regime change and reiterated the administration's determination to impose sanctions on countries, including USA allies, that don't significantly cut their imports of Iranian oil.

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mc Connell speaks to reporters at the Capitol as fallout continued over U.S. President Donald Trump's Helsinki summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Washington U.S

Instead, anger about what some USA lawmakers saw as a too-deferential performance by Trump in Helsinki and his failure to publicly confront Putin over Moscow's alleged meddling in us politics may have made things worse. At that same press conference, Putin himself said that he wanted Trump to win.

However, the poll reveals that 51% of voters disapprove of Trump's handling of Russian Federation relations with just 26% saying they approve. Many Republicans joined Democrats in criticizing Trump's performance.

The most remarkable finding in the poll, though, was this one.

"In short, nobody is expecting anything good to happen". Critics accused Trump of siding with Russian Federation over his own country by failing to so. "So be it", Trenin wrote in an article published on the center's website after the summit.

"We merely talked about future benefits for both countries".

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