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A federal judge in Seattle has issued a temporary restraining order to stop the release of blueprints to make untraceable and undetectable 3D-printed plastic guns. A federal judge has blocked the release of designs meant to allow people to make their own firearms using a 3-D printer.

U.S. district Judge Robert Lasnik in Seattle, Washington granted the plaintiffs' motion for a temporary restraining order blocking the release of the digital plans, and scheduled a hearing for August 10.

Trump spokesman Hogan Gidley made much the same point, saying the administration supports the law against wholly plastic guns, including those made with a 3D printer.

Downloads of data to produce untraceable plastic gun parts on a 3D printer have been halted by a federal judge in Seattle this afternoon.

Advocates for gun control have argued that 3D-printed guns could also pose security challenges as they pass through airport X-ray machines.

President Donald Trump says he is consulting with the National Rifle Association over whether it makes sense for a Texas company to publish downloadable blueprints for a 3D-printed gun.

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who led the lawsuit, said those still sharing the blueprints online are breaking federal export laws. Users also will be able to share their own designs for guns, magazines and other accessories.

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"These downloadable guns are unregistered and very hard to detect, even with metal detectors, and will be available to anyone regardless of age, mental health or criminal history". "Already spoke to NRA, doesn't seem to make much sense".

"Republicans say they want to keep guns out of the hands of violent criminals, with this settlement, violent criminals can manufacture firearms".

Defense Distributed's files include 3D printable blueprints for components that would go into the making of a version of the AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle, a weapon that has been used in many United States mass shootings. That decision followed a four-year legal battle between the government and Defense Distributed owner Cody Wilson, along with gun-rights activist group The Second Amendment Foundation, over the plans.

Undetectable plastic guns have been illegal for decades but the blue prints for the weapons are out there and thousands have been downloading them.

President Trump said he is speaking to the NRA about the issue. "While the technology is evolving, we are going to be watching closely" said John Ham with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.

Josh Blackman, a lawyer for Defense Distributed, told CNN on Monday the Pennsylvania case was about free speech rights, not the manufacture of guns.

Seized plastic handguns which were created using 3D printing technology are displayed at Kanagawa police station in Yokohama, south of Tokyo, in this photo taken by Kyodo May 8, 2014. "It's certainly a huge global problem, particularly given that many other countries have much stronger gun laws than in America", Lowy said.