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Garret Yrigoyen, the man Becca Kufrin chose on the season finale of The Bachelorette, was at the center of a controversy early in the season when posts he'd liked on Instagram surfaced including one that cruelly mocked undocumented immigrants, liberal women and trans people and one post that posited a conspiracy theory that the activist survivors of the Parkland shooting are paid actors.

Becca greets Garrett one last time with the officialBachelorette greeting of jumping up and wrapping her legs around his waist.

Hers and Blake's had been the most solid, constant relationship, "but because you were so constant I think I was overlooking other relationships", she said. For those who do not want any spoilers on what happened on the finale episode of The Bachelorette, STOP READING NOW.

Blake, ever the gentleman, told Becca she had nothing to say sorry for and that he wanted her to be happy. She said that he was incredible, kind and couldn't wait for him to meet her family.

Kufrin said she grieved after the public break-up. She introduced the suitors to her family, but they weren't much help. Then Garrett cries while talking with Becca's sister, Emily, and she immediately goes to tell Becca that she made Garrett cry.

It came down to Yrigoyen and Blake Hortsmann.

He went on to confess that this time round he's really ready to find love as he thought he would never get a date again.

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After she professed her love for Garrett, he popped the question, and she said yes! She doesn't quite pull it off, but she does have a good chat with him and comes away thinking he would challenge Becca and be a good teammate.

Before the breakup and proposal, Becca took a moment to explain where she's coming from, "I feel like I could be happy with either guy and both of them would be a right choice for me".

After Becca's date with Blake, it seemed she might choose him instead. He said she was intelligent, genuine, amusing and kind-hearted. He also said that he wants to make her smile for the rest of their lives. But in the end, her feelings for Yrigoyen were stronger. But I'm going for the one that I can't see myself without.

Holding Kufrin's hands, Horstmann was practically speechless at first, saying that he didn't expect this kind of response. "She is all mine", Yrigoyen said to the cameras after slipping a Neil Lane diamond on Kufrin's finger. "I think there is a better fit for us out there".

He then broke down, crying over the thought of Yrigoyen proposing to Kufrin. After all, he told her he was "in love" with her, and admission that didn't come as quickly for Garrett. Maybe Kufrin and Yrigoyen "got through" the scandal by having a real conversation about trans rights.

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