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Now, when users of the Google Play Store search for Fortnite, they see a message which reads; "Fortnite Battle Royale by Epic Games, Inc is not available on Google Play".

Until recently, the "Fortnite Android" beta was exclusive to Samsung Galaxy devices, but this exclusivity deal has already ended. Regardless, come Tuesday, you might want to double up on the walls when building a fort, and be a little bit more cautious of this.

Unlike Apple, which only allows apps to be downloaded from its own storefront, Google's platform is more open.

That's money Epic Games isn't apparently willing to give up to Google, when there's another way.

Many publications and advisors do not recommend users installing third-party apps not officially supported by a device's official app store, due to security concerns.

It's also important to remember that the app is not coming to the Google Play Store. The good news for Android Fortnite fans with no intention of buying a new Samsung device was that Fortnite exclusivity was promised to be short-lived.

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Once you know you have a compatible handset, you need to head on over to the sign up page to register.

Community members have expressed their desire for the chance to put skins on their weapons in Fortnite: Battle Royale ever since the game's release in 2017. Mobile users have been trained to go to their device's app marketplace to acquire games.

As you can see, the Heavy Sniper Rifle is a beast of a weapon, as it is able to blast structures of different kinds away easily.

Because of the said reasons, security researchers stated that Epic Games' ruling presents a unsafe situation for downloaders because it will encourage people to disable the default security protection from their devices.

Epic adds that new formats have been fun, and provide a lot of lessons, with each format changing the emphasis on how players approach the match. As an alternative, developer Epic Games will make the game available through an earmarked installer on its website so as to avoid the 30% revenue that Google would receive to emcee the title on its Play store. Epic Games is sending out codes in waves, which could mean that hundreds, possibly thousands, of people are receiving codes every day.