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Over the weekend, the New York Post reported that Samsung's Galaxy Note9 caught fire in a Long Island woman's purse.

Real estate agent Diane Chung says in her lawsuit she was using the new handset on September 3 when it suddenly became "extremely hot", the New York Post reported Saturday. She then put it inside her purse, only for her to hear a "whistling and screeching noise", with thick smoke pouring out of the purse. Just this year we've seen reports of a ZTE exploding in Australia, an Apple store in Amsterdam being evacuated after an iPad battery exploded, an unknown model of phone exploding in a man's pocket in Mumbai, an LG catching fire on an Air Canada flight, an iPhone exploding in a fix shop in Las Vegas, and in an exceedingly rare case a teenager in India was killed when her Nokia phone exploded in her hands. Alone in the elevator, Chung kept her purse down and tried to remove the device, while burning her fingers. This continued until a good Samaritan picked the Note 9 with a cloth, and immersed it into a bucket of water.

Even though it may not debut until Mobile World Congress 2019, leaks and rumours about the Samsung's Galaxy S10 have been flying around for months now.

The Galaxy Note 9 reportedly catching fire will certainly grab Samsung's attention at the worst possible time, especially after the new 2018 iPhone lineup has officially gone on pre-order.

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Another senior Samsung official Kate Beaumon had said that the latest Note 9 uses a newer cooling system for better heat dissipation. That said, it also crammed in its largest battery so far, paired wit the fastest mobile processor in the market this year.

No, not the disastrous, exploding Galaxy Note 7, which Samsung recalled in 2016.

Alone in the elevator, Chung became "extremely panicked" and began pressing buttons before the vehicle stopped at the lobby. The report says that she was traumatised by the incident, and she was left being unable to contact her clients while her bag contents were damaged.