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Anita Hill, the woman who testified that then-Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas had sexually harassed her, supports the idea of asking the FBI to investigate the sexual misconduct allegation Christine Blasey Ford has made against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. But in the days since she publicly accused Kavanaugh of the assault when they were teens at a party 35 years ago, the lawyers said, she has been the target of "vicious harassment and even death threats".

Democrats, starting with ranking Senate Judiciary Committee member Dianne Feinstein, wanted to protect her privacy. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, has offered to allow Ford, a professor at Palo Alto University, to speak either in private or in public before the committee, but has made clear her only opportunity will be Monday.

"Well, I would let the senators take their course", he said.

"Now the whole nation's trying to figure out something that's not really evident", said Sen.

However, as Kavanaugh-who already was deeply unpopular before Ford's allegations were made public-hasn't given any indication that he will stop seeking a lifetime appointment to the nation's highest court, other advocacy groups and Democratic lawmakers are calling for a delay of any confirmation vote until the Federal Bureau of Investigation can fully investigate Ford's claims. Ford's lawyer, however, now says she will not accept the offer to give her testimony under oath, demanding instead that the FBI investigate her claims first. Richard Blumenthal of CT, said staging the hearing without the FBI investigation would make it a "sham". She said she was moved to create the campaign out of a desire to help Ford tell her story without her having to fear for her physical safety.

But Democrats, already staunchly opposed to President Trump's nominee, wrote their own letter to Mr Grassley objecting to the format of having Judge Kavanaugh and Prof Ford as the only witnesses.

Democrats in general are complaining that the process is being rushed, but some women are seeing a deeper - and possibly insidious - narrative, especially if Republicans go ahead with Monday's hearing without Ford.

Judge Kavanaugh, 53, has called the allegation "completely false".

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President Donald Trump: "I feel so badly for him that he's going through this, to be honest with you".

However, The Post reported: 'She told no one at the time what had happened to her.

He also defended longtime pal Kavanaugh, saying: 'I never saw Brett act in the manner Dr. Ford described'.

The development comes a day after Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Senator Chuck Grassley announced plans for the hearing.

"I thought he might inadvertently kill me", she said. He also, of course, called for the Kavanaugh confirmation vote to be postponed, which will likely push it until after the midterm election in which Democrats are hoping to secure a majority in the Senate.

A spokesman for the police department in Montgomery County, Maryland, site of the alleged incident, said it has no investigation ongoing.

"There hasn't been an investigation", one of Ford's lawyers, Lisa Banks, told CNN.

Kavanaugh went to the White House on Monday, but Trump said he did not meet with his nominee.