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Pre-order the PlayStation Classic at Walmart, GameStop, or Best Buy today!

Sony has announced the PlayStation Classic, a miniaturised games console that comes pre-loaded with 20 original PlayStation games and also includes two controllers out of the box.

Playstation following in Nintendo's footsteps isn't unfamiliar, as gaming historians know, the foundation of the original console was due to a failed venture between Nintendo and Sony to develop a disc based gaming system called the Nintendo Playstation.

Retro-gamers can get their hands on the PlayStation Classic for $100 (or 100€ in Europe) when it arrives on December 3, a day that will mark the 24th anniversary of the original PlayStation in Japan.

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The Sony PlayStation Classic, which comes with 20 preloaded "generation-defining" games, will arrive on December 3 for $100, the company Sony announced late Tuesday.

The revamped model will be pre-loaded with 20 classic titles. You'll need to purchase an AC adapter that supports 5 V, 1.0 A USB (Type A) output separately, or just use one of the many you might have lying around from mobile phones.

A HDMI-out for video/audio and a micro-USB for power, which come with the console, can be plugged into the two ports at the back of the PS Classic. While it's a bit steeper than the SNES Classic at a hundred bucks a pop, it will hopefully be inundated with enough JRPGs to last you a lifetime. It costs around $60 and comes with 30 classic games. Like the Nintendo classics, this system is intended for folks who have fond memories of PlayStation but who may not game on a regular basis. In its first launch of the retro NES Classic in late 2016, Nintendo sold approximately 2.3 million units in five months and sold out its entire stock by July 2017. Now it's set to make a return (in a fashion) with the announcement of the PlayStation Classic.