KXIP vs KKR Live Score

Yesterday, Xbox One players were unable to play for hours and the performance has generally been a bit choppy since Season 6 began. So, what's new in the Battle Pass for season 6? The Battle Pass, of course, is an in-game purchase that unlocks a long list of challenges - completing them and leveling up your Battle Pass unlocks a host of new skins and other cosmetics. Kotaku reports how players have noticed the new Calamity skin in the game has an "undeniable jiggle" when the character performs the jubilation emote.

Loot Lake is, no doubt, the most noticeable change to the map. It just has a floating island on top of it now.

'Willing' To Meet Maduro After Imposing Sanctions On His Inner Circle
Beyond rallying Maduro's opponents, it's unclear what impact the sanctions will have. The sanctions were the result of accusations of corruption by Maduro's government.

The new season, dubbed Darkness Rises, brings a Halloween vibe to Fortnite: Battle Royale as it reshapes parts of the map with ominous cubes and introduces new locations to fight in including corn fields and a haunted castle. "We'll provide an update once we have more information". It'll be interesting to watch late-game fights take place in this area now. Plenty of new features were added to the game, including pets, weapons changes, and a new consumable called Shadow Stone. The cube has left areas of the map corrupted, prompting a haunting renovation and the creation of the new Stones. Should the issue affecting Port-a-Fortresses be as easy to solve, then Fortnite fans could see the Legendary Utility item return to the title as soon as tomorrow. Sony has rolled out a beta to enable cross-platform play on the PlayStation 4 for Fortnite. Cute, right? But if you look closer, you can see this week's Battle Star in plain sight.