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Fans of actress Lindsay Lohan are shocked after she appeared to be accusing a homeless family of being child traffickers in a video on her Instagram Live.

Eventually, the family tries to leave and Lohan follows them, only stoping when the mother pushes her down. She says they're Syrian refugees who need help. She can be heard in the video speaking in both Arabic and English. I won't leave until I take you " Twitter is anxious about Lohan's behaviourThey're confused about her accentBut most importantly.

Towards the end of the lengthy ten minute video, the intense interaction between Lohan and the family gets physical, and the mother appears to push Lohan to the ground.

Her most recent tagged locations on Instagram are in Paris, France - however, TMZ report that the footage was filmed in Moscow, Russia. Now I know who you are, don't F**k with me.

It's not clear if the family is Syrian, but Lohan claims that they are in her video, which has since been deleted.

"I'm, like, in shock right now", she says. "I'll take you with me and I'll see you tomorrow". She offered the children in the family to go with her to watch TV and movies. "Come, you're going to be the boss from now".

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She offers to bring the kids and mum "to stay in a hotel and watch movies" but the family refuse. Tell me your story so I can help you.

"You're taking these children, they want to go", Lohan says. "I literally can't. I don't think I can ever change what I want..." If someone's offering them a home or a bed, which is me at this moment, give it to them. Boys, don't worry. The whole world is seeing this right now. When the family doesn't stop, the "Rumors" singer accused the two adults of trafficking children, "Look what's happening".

As they start walking past her, she begins following then and accusing them of trafficking their children.

While another continued: "Lindsay Lohan is disgusting".

The video was livestreamed to millions of her Instagram followers, some of whom commented on the stream with confusion and criticism.

After watching the unusual spectacle unfold, Twitter users attempted to make sense of what they had just seen, with the general consensus being that Lohan had gone completely off the rails.