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UNC spokesman Colonel Chad Carroll declined to confirm if the command would also withdraw any weapons from the JSA, but said American forces would provide support for the demining operation.

At Arrow Head Hill, where some of the fiercest battles occurred during the Korean War, Seoul officials believe there are remains of about 300 South Korean and United Nations forces, along with an unspecified number of Chinese and North Korean remains.

The militaries launched the removal work in the Joint Security Area (JSA) in the DMZ, which they have agreed to disarm, and part of Cheorwon, Gangwon Province, where they plan to carry out a joint project to excavate Korean War remains next year.

An editorial in a state-run North Korean newspaper said a declaration replacing the 65-year-old armistice to formally end the war "is not just a gift from a man to another".

The JSA, also known as the truce village of Panmunjom, is the only spot along the tense, 250-kilometer (155 miles) frontier where troops from the two countries stand face to face. Seoul says North Korea is expected to begin its own demining as well.

In November 2017, North Korean troops at the JSA shot one of their soldiers defecting to the South five times.

This image depicts South and North Korean troops participating in a landmine removal operation in the Demilitarized Zone.

Trump delivers address to United Nations General Assembly
He spoke through an interpreter. "Despite requests, I have no plans to meet Iranian President Hassan Rouhani ", Trump tweeted . After Rouhani warned the United States that a war with Iran would be the "mother of all wars", Trump tweeted a fiery response.

Critics have anxious that Moon's recent inter-Korean military deals would weaken South Korea's war readiness because the North's nuclear program remains largely intact.

"Even if we deployed 11 front-line engineering units to the DMZ and nearby area, it would take about 200 years to completely remove land mines scattered in the two Koreas", an Army official said during a meeting with reporters last month.

"The North is trying to reduce the negotiating value of Washington's potential offer of a peace treaty, by suggesting that "it's not good enough to make us denuclearize", he told South Korea's news agency Yonhap.

Meanwhile, on Monday, South Korea held a ceremony marking the recent return of remains of 64 South Korean soldiers missing from the Korean War.

Many experts say the fate of inter-Korean deals can be affected by how nuclear negotiations go between the United States and North Korea. He also said the north is committed to helping maintain "long lasting peace and prosperity" on the peninsula. But Trump, Pompeo and other USA officials have recently reported progress in denuclearization discussions with the North. Pompeo is to make his third trip to North Korea soon.

Testing done in Hawaii confirmed they belong to South Korean war dead.

The South Korean military suspects that about 300 South Korean, French and U.S. soldiers are buried in the area.