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Calling on Vega during a free-wheeling news conference, the President quipped that ABC's senior White House correspondent was "shocked that I picked her".

When Vega went ahead and asked a question on the on the scope of the FBI investigation into the president's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Trump stopped her. "She's, like, in a state of shock", he said, to laughs from the crowd.

Cecilia then said, "I'm not, thank you Mr. President".

Trump again lashed out at the media over their coverage of Kavanaugh and also referenced a Democratic senator in freakish threat: "I've seen that person in very, very bad situations, somewhat compromising". On Sept. 27, the US president told a female reporter to "go sit down" when she tried to ask him a question after fellow male colleagues called on Trump to take questions from female reporters too.

Eventually, Trump allowed questions on the matter, which has consumed Washington as the FBI investigates claims of sexual assault levied against Kavanaugh. "But, you know, I'd like to do the trade questions, too". And then things went off the rails as Trump continued to taunt her. You never do" is changed to "I know you're not thanking.

The exchange which was interpreted by social media users as misogynistic, led to several call out posts against the US President. He has not responded to the criticism in this case. Trump instantly shot down the question suggesting that Vega was out of line because the subject of the press conference was the forthcoming trade deal.

Manufacturers relieved, dairy farmers angry in wake of NAFTA replacement deal
The measures in the new deal - which Mr Trump dubbed "US MCA" - "will support many - hundreds of thousands - American jobs". President Trump weighed in on the name during a Monday press conference, saying, "It has a good ring to it".

"You didn't answer my question, Mr. President, " Collins said when he was done.

When confronted with questions about the sexual assault investigation that his supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is now undergoing, Trump's demeanor changed, and he became rather defensive.

Late-night host Seth Meyers also spoke about it during his show Monday night, saying, "I mean, how much of a sexist d- can you possibly be?"

He quickly interrupted her and said "Don't do that".

Trump also told reporters that he had seen many senators in "very bad" circumstances, hinting that he'd seen many of them seriously drunk.