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Given its widespread adoption and popularity, it's not hard to see why Google has put so much focus on making Assistant as user-friendly as it can possibly be.

You can also ensure a seamless premium experience as users move between your Android app and Action for Assistant by letting users access their digital goods across their relationship with you, regardless of where the purchase originated.

Google Assistant is getting a new interface on Android devices that will make it easier to get things done and cut the number of steps as well.

Per the norm with Google updates, this will be rolling out to Assistant on phones over the next few days/weeks.

Elon Musk’s "Funding Secured" Tweet Just Cost Him & Tesla $40 Million
Tesla in recent years has become one of the most valuable American vehicle maker, with its stock worth more than $50 billion. Tesla shares took a steep dive last Friday, plunging 13.90% amidst news of the SEC's lawsuit against the outspoken CEO.

Google next week will unveil a bunch of products that will support the new Assistant, including the Pixel 3 phones and next-gen Home devices. Use the dials to adjust your lights to the right brightness, or the sliders to control the volume of your smart speaker.

You can now also tweak and personalize any text you ask Assistant to compose and send, thanks to its new interactive messaging interface. Once you're in the Assistant (Long press that home button) and swipe up on your screen to see a list of what's happening in your day and recent interactions with the Assistant. Starbucks could include images of recommended menu items, for example, and a workout app could show you GIF previews of exercises. With the latest makeover, Google wants Assistant to be easier to control "whether you prefer to use your hands, your voice, or a combination of the two".

Back in January at CES 2018, LG announced that ThinQ-branded televisions in the United States would soon get Google Assistant integration, making an already-smart TV even smarter. Developers and brands can start putting Assistant and its custom results to work for them.