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At PC Magazine, Sascha Segan has compared LTE speeds of the iPhone X to XS, and the latter is substantially faster.

We recently reviewed the Galaxy Note 9 and found it to be a spectacular smartphone, particularly for those that are enamored with large-display devices.

"When we launched Note 9, we introduced a lot of consumer-centric offers like Rs 6,000 cash back on Paytm and Rs 6,000 upgrade offer", said Babbar, adding that Note 9 is Samsung's most successful "N Series" smartphone. Unlike other speed tests, the Phone Buff style is conducted using a specialized machine to ensure there's no margin of error.

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As for the tests itself, Cellular Insights revealed those have been done based on the 20MHz channel of Band 4.

In order to compare the hardware capabilities of the two modems, some advanced Rohde & Schwarz measurement equipment was used for in-lab testing whereas the week of September 24, 2018, from Ookla's massive crowdsourced Speedtest Intelligence database was used for real-world results. In good signal conditions, they double the phone's speeds, but they also help in weak signal conditions. They found that download speeds on the new iPhones have increased by 6.6Mbps on average on all United States carriers.

Overall, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max performed almost on par with the Galaxy Note 9 and Pixel 2. Why Apple has taken so long to implement it is another question, but either way, it's clear: When it comes to cell signal, the iPhone XS is a big step up over the iPhone X, and a worthy competitor to any other device. The iPhone XS still remains competitive down to nearly no signal, though. Although, throughput for the iPhone XS falls faster than the phones with X20 and older X16 modems with even small signal drops. This should not be surprising since the Note 9 comes with twice the amount of RAM as the iPhone XS Max here: 8GB vs 4GB.