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Nicki Minaj gets on the latest episode of her QueenRadio show t bark on Cardi B about what REALLY happened during the confrontation with Cardi at a 2018 New York Fashion Week event last month.

It all started when Cardi claimed in a video that she was offered the Diesel "Hate Couture" campaign before Nicki, but turned it down to work on other projects.

Through all the messiness, the situation provided at least one moment of hilarity - which came while Cardi was rebutting one of Nicki's points.

"She's gonna be raised in a big mansion", Cardi said. "I said no", she tweeted.

Rocco Baldelli is the new Twins manager and it’s a ideal hire
Baldelli will be the first major league manager born in the 1980s. "But I also know that I do have to take care of myself". The 37-year-old was previously employed as Tampa Bay's first base coach and worked in the team's scouting department.

Wackermann then posted a screenshot of his text conversation with Minaj where he writes, "I prefer to avoid to create any tension honestly, I can only tell you we never made any firm offer because this I would have know [sic], I prefer not to pen a conversation on this honestly".

The "Money" singer was scheduled to go on tour with Bruno Mars right after the birth of Kulture over the summer, but Cardi ended up cancelling to be with her newborn. Minaj said her friend Rah Ali pummeled Cardi B in the head at the now-infamous Harper's Bazaar brawl. But I'm actually helping you get a bag, ' she claimed in a video shared with her 34.6million followers. I'm sure Irv told you to post this lie. But not one of you is waking up to death threats every day, made up stories that can effect my real life and real relationships.

"Ok you guys, let's focus on positive things only from here on out".

Ina series of 10 clips, Cardi reviled Nicki over a series of disagreements, most notably the fashion week fiasco. "First you say you've got the footage, but then you say you wanna pay somebody $100,000 if they give you footage?" There were barbs traded about whether Cardi had first been asked to rap on a song from British girl group Little Mix. "Let's keep it positive and keep it pushing!"