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O'Rourke's loss should put to rest the notion that a left-wing progressive can win in deep-red Texas without compromising on key issues. Trump traveled to Houston in late October on Cruz's behalf. He insists he won't run for any office higher than Senate, but that's done little to quash speculation that he could challenge Trump for the presidency in two years.

For months, Cruz refused to entertain the notion that he'd lose, saying there are more Republicans in Texas than Democrats, so all he had to do to win was avoid conservative complacency. In contrast, Cruz raised $40 million. Ted Cruz, said he doesn't understand why anyone would be angry with asylum seekers "doing what any human being would do". Wandering through the crowds, roasting Cruz to his own supporters - many of whom couldn't help but laugh at their own candidate's expense - Triumph finally came across his white whale.

Triumph also spends some time in the segment harassing supporters of both candidates, but really rises to the occasion in his face-to-face encounters with O'Rourke and Cruz, both of whom seem remarkably relaxed about interacting with a famously antangonistic canine puppet.

Sanctions for Khashoggi killing likely, according to Mike Pompeo
However, as worldwide pressure increased, Riyadh admitted that the killing was an error, carried out by rogue elements. Saudi Arabia has faced a torrent of worldwide condemnation over the killing of the royal insider-turned-critic.

Cruz scoffed at the notion that O'Rourke could beat him.

"It's the time for choosing". "I think we have every indication, based on turnout so far, that we're going to have a very good day tomorrow". "Why this is happening now, why the president is stirring these issues up at this moment with 24 hours before we decide this election - I'll leave that to you to conclude". Shortly before they were about to start, officers on the scene said they were postponed. Texas last elected a Democrat to Senate in 1988.

Even that was a shock for Cruz, who won 10-plus contests during the 2016 Republican presidential primary and has always been considered the most powerful and popular conservative in a state full of them.