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AWS says it plans to take it global soon and you can pre-order yours on Amazon.com for less than $250.

With Outposts, customers can now put AWS into their own datacenters using the AWS hardware. Amazon Textract allows developers to quickly automate document workflows, processing millions of document pages in a few hours. For advanced developers and scientists who are comfortable building, tuning, training, deploying, and managing models themselves, AWS offers P2 and P3 instances at the bottom of the stack-which provide up to six times better performance than any other GPU instances available in the cloud today-together with AWS's deep learning AMI that embeds all the major frameworks, such as TensorFlow and MXNet.

"Many healthcare customers are exploring new ways use the power of ML to advance their current workloads and transform how they provide care to patients, all while meeting the requirements of HIPAA", AWS concluded. The AWS offering will include a new integrated offering from VMware called VMware Cloud Foundation for EC2, which includes VMware technologies like NSX for network virtualization and AppDefense that can work across VMware and Amazon EC2 environments, according to officials.

Amazon Forecast is a service that generates forecasts from time series data.

One such ML service is SageMaker that has been given a fresh makeover, to make it easier for customers to build, train and deploy models. These "ground stations" are basically outposts equipped with antennas and are essential to transmitting and receiving data from the thousands of satellites now orbiting our planet.

AWS presaged the launch of the new service earlier this month when it announced that its Amazon Comprehend, along with Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Translate, were HIPAA eligible services. The systems can be as small as a single server and as large as multiple racks full of data-center gear. "We just want people to know how these things could be applied", Jassy told a press briefing on Wednesday after delivering his three-hour keynote address.

George Bush senior dies at 94 years old
Prior to serving as President, Mr Bush served as Vice President for Republican heavyweight Ronald Reagan. Funeral arrangements of the veteran Republican leader will be announced soon, media reports said.

AWS Lake Formation removes much of this heavy lifting, allowing customers to build a data lake in a matter of days.

The result is a fully managed ledger database, with a central trusted authority and built-in cryptography so that all entries are immutable and transparent to everyone with permissions.

Among the other provider of the public cloud services, Amazon is also following the Google into the chip market. Adding a listing to the Marketplace is completely self-service for developers who want to sell through AWS Marketplace.

The company hopes the new offering will democratize access to advanced machine learning by reducing the need for custom-built solutions and extensive one-off programming for specific projects. To learn more about the DeepRacer League, visit: https://aws.amazon.com/deepracer. Spire describes itself as an analytics company, as a variety of industries use Spire's data, ranging from hedge funds to earth scientists to shipping businesses.

AWS also announced a $399 autonomous toy vehicle - AWS DeepRacer - for developers to test some of their own self-driving programs.