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Tyson Fury will appeal to the World Boxing Council against the judges' decision to call his world title fight against Deontay Wilder a draw. "I think I had the holy hands on me tonight and I was brought back and rose me to my feet on the brink of defeat", Fury said.

"One hundred percent we'll do the rematch". The Englishman made Wilder look limited at times, the American content - or only able - to walk forward trying to set up that bazooka of a right hand.

"To be honest, I've never seen a worse decision in my life", said Fury, who remains unbeaten in a 28-fight career.

Lennox Lewis, former world heavyweight champion, said Fury was the clear victor of the bout, empathising with the "Gypsy King" as he referenced his own fight with Evander Holyfield that ended in a controversial draw back in 1999.

"I'm not gonna sit here and complain all night, I thought I won the fight", he added.

"Fair play to Jack Reiss, he's fantastic referee, the best I've ever experienced".

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During the twelfth and final round between long-out-of-the-game Tyson Fury and now undefeated Deontay Wilder, Fury was dealt a vicious combination of blows, culminating in a hook that initially seemed to knock him out cold. "But you must prove you're okay, otherwise I will stop the fight".

Fury's struggle with alcohol and cocaine dependency, a problem which escalated to regular daily intake, has been well documented, fighting demons that plagued his reign as heavyweight champion after defeating Wladimir Klitschko over 12 rounds in Germany in 2015 to claim the lineal championship.

Simply getting himself back to this point was shocking enough, but taking the best shot of the sport's most unsafe puncher and outclassing him in the process was likely enough to see the 30-year-old anointed as a British and Irish Traveller folk hero.

Promoter Frank Warren said he and the British Boxing Board of Control will write to the WBC demanding a rematch. "I was on the brink of suicide, and I came back", he said. The buildup was the buildup, and we had a great buildup. Fury believed he had won, despite being knocked to the canvas twice. Fury used his twitchy movement and near-constant feints to disrupt the rhythm of Wilder, whose trademark looping punches rarely found their mark.

Fury also showed a salient level of class for not blaming the judges despite a decision that very could have (and likely deserved to) have gone his way. In his worst state, Fury was almost 400 pounds.

At the end of the third Wilder's eye had been swollen after decent shots from the former WBA champion, including one right at the end of the round. "Only God knows how he got back up".