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And now, 10 months after that, with the XFL on Wednesday announcing its inaugural eight cities and stadiums, here is my update: still pretty confused.

The football league founded by wrestling entrepreneur Vince McMahon will be absent in several of the largest television markets: Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boston and Atlanta.

WWE founder and chairman Vince McMahon announced in January the XFL would be making a comeback; the inaugural campaign was staged in 2001 but the competition folded after just one year due to low viewership numbers in the United States.

But Luck said at his press conference today that the XFL has big ambitions and isn't afraid of a big challenge. They also want to focus on player health and safety. The upstart football league is set to make a comeback. "Less stall, more ball", he said, proving again that people will proudly invent dumb slogans as long as they rhyme. Luck said. "It's a game that's fast-paced, high-octane, up-tempo, with a great rhythm, a great flow, with fewer stoppages in play. And our research indicates that fans want more football, and we intend to provide it to them". He also confirmed that the league will be testing for performance enhancing drugs, and is working with a world class panel of doctors and medical professionals to craft the best regulations possible. Player salaries will be "very competitive", and rosters will be drawn from all available players, including those who have been cut from National Football League teams, Luck said.

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Luck says they will look for the best coaches and players available and majority will have college and National Football League experience.

They are a proponent of legal and safe gambling on the game.

Luck said fans can go to XFL.com to put a deposit on season tickets.