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This is what had led people to try the Bird Box Challenge.

As the #BirdBoxChallenge went viral on Twitter, Netflix hastily reminded Bird Box fans not to injure themselves while cavorting around blindfolded like the characters in the film. Netflix itself stepped in on Wednesday to tell everyone to "not end up in the hospital due to memes".

The premise of Bird Box involves Malorie (Sandra Bullock) and her children, Boy and Girl, shielding their eyes with blindfolds to avoid the powers of a unsafe, unseen adversary. Tons of memes have been made about the movie, and now people are taking it to the next level and actually blindfolding themselves in real life to act of the plot at home.

As if it wasn't unsafe enough to walk around blindfolded, some people added heavy artillery to the mix.

In Bird Box, Bullock plays a mother of two children desperately trying to survive in a world overrun with monsters who can kill you just by being seen.

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The challenge has been all over Twitter and Instagram since the film's release.

But most of the mentions seemed to be people mocking challenge participants.

Since its December 21 debut, "Bird Box" has been viewed by over 45 million accounts, making it Netflix's most-watched film within the first seven days of its release, according to the streaming giant.

Bird Box is the latest film to spawn a meme-related challenge - and the Bird Box Challenge is, apparently, the latest social media craze to spawn injuries. Check out how some people have attempted the Bird Box Challenge.