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As she started her three-day swing in Sioux City, the first question from the audience asked why she'd let President Trump, who ridicules her as "Pocahontas", dare her into taking a DNA test that indicated only marginal Native American heritage.

Warren is hardly an unknown candidate in Iowa, but she may try to connect with voters anew by talking about her modest upbringing in Oklahoma, far from the halls of Harvard and the Capitol where she is more readily associated. The evening appearance came at the end of a four-city tour across the Midwestern state. "I think people will find her interesting".

The crowd listens as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), who this week formed an exploratory committee for president, was forced to address the results of her infamous DNA test from last fall when a voter confronted her about her motives behind releasing the test's results.

The issue was indeed a victor for Democrats running during the 2018 midterm elections. Kamala Harris and Cory Booker held fundraising events in competitive races.

Former U.S. Representative and businessman John Delaney announced in mid-2017 and has been actively working to raise his name recognition in the state. Warren said last week that Democrats running for president should say "no to the billionaires" when it came to funding their campaigns.

On the other hand, Trump also looked bad when he reneged on his offer to donate money to charity if Warren took a DNA test and it proved she had Native American ancestry. Former Housing Secretary Julian Castro is expected to formally announce a bid soon, and other candidates ― including everyone from former Vice President Joe Biden to California Sen.

KHALID: Well, I would say if you were to drill down Sen. Bernie Sanders, and Emily Parcell, whose past campaign roles include political director for Barack Obama's winning 2008 Iowa caucus campaign. "But honestly, I think everybody is ready".

That's certainly the case for Iowans Ed Hotchkin and Ryan Barcus, who stood in line in unusually warm weather to see the senator speak.

It's important to remember that although Senator Sanders has sought Democratic nominations, he is actually an independent.

Prediction: Elizabeth Warren bid for WH 'going nowhere'
Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) announced on Thursday that she is shutting down her joint fundraising PAC. The state hosts the first-in-the-nation presidential caucuses about a year from now.

Warren will have the chance to forge more personal connections with the state's activists and powerbrokers, starting Saturday with about 20 Democratic activists at a private home in central Iowa and Sunday at a Des Moines cafe. He'll be attending rallies like this one in order to catch the "nuance" between the two candidates.

"It reminds us of when we were growing up", said Ed Slattery, a retiree from Des Moines. They discussed immigration and mental health issues.

In the 2020 caucuses, due to pressure from national party leaders, voters should also have the option to submit an absentee vote. "Get out there, trust your message".

He highlighted the often-overlooked diversity within the predominantly white state, as well as its "good mix of urban and rural areas".

Although if Mr Trump was seriously challenged in a primary, history shows he would be unlikely to then win the general election. The move was meant to rebut Trump's taunts of Warren as "Pocahontas".

"America's middle class is under attack", Warren said in the video.

"We need big structural change", she said, her voice strained from speaking and the onset of laryngitis. Trump has already done her the favor of singling her out, with a racial slur.

Asked if he thought Warren believed she could defeat him in 2020, Trump said, "I don't know". Dozens of candidates, including many of Warren's fellow senators, are likely to enter the contest. "A lot of people say that's just too hard".