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HTC is rolling out a couple of new (or semi-new, if you prefer) virtual reality headsets, including an updated model of the Vive Pro with built-in eye-tracking. However, the down point here is that HTC intends to market the Pro Eye headset towards the enterprise segment as they refer it as "an evolution in the enterprise VR space".

Like the Vive Pro, HTC is primarily pitching the Vive Pro Eye at enterprise customers, rather than gamers at large. So it is very possible that HTC could announce the VIVE Cosmos at MWC next month.

Major League Baseball (MLB) debuted eye tracking on Vive Pro Eye at CES 2019. From load-up of Home to the time you shut the headset down for the night, Vive Reality will be the new Vive experience.

Teased briefly during the firm's CES press conference on Monday, the Cosmos is a standalone VR headset; it doesn't require external sensors and comes with two front-facing cameras, two side-facing cameras and a pair of fully tracked motion controllers.

The main highlight of the HTC Vive Pro Eye is the addition of foveated rendering, which provides enhanced visual quality.

HTC hasn't told us much else about its next-gen mainstream VR headset, beyond the fact the face-worn gadget will offer "absolute comfort" and "easy setup". It's called Vive Cosmos.

The 2019 iPhone XI imagined in renders, even though it's only January
The renders reveal a triple-camera setup arranged in a triangle shape (we've seen weird setups arranged in L-shapes too ). The ToF or Time of Flight technology is based on the time it takes for light to bounce off an object to create a 3D map.

About HTC VIVEHTC Vive is the creator of the unprecedented PC-based virtual reality system, the Vive, which was built and optimized for room-scale VR and true-to-life interactions.

The Vive Cosmos is created to make VR more accessible to the masses. If Vive can learn anything from Oculus, however, the controllers are the right place to start.

The all-new VIVE controllers work seamlessly with VIVE tracking system.

HTC's virtual reality division, Vive, has announced new high-end tethered and self-contained virtual reality devices, the Vive Pro Eye and Vive Cosmos respectively, along with new software offerings including an all-you-can-eat software subscription.

"At Fidelity, we're committed to helping people live better financial lives, so we were excited to explore the capabilities of these new technologies", said Adam Schouela, vice president of Product Management at Fidelity's Center for Applied Technology. Firefox Reality will become Vive's native VR browser, providing a safe and private experience for users. Viveport Infinity is a new Netflix-style subscription service from HTC that gives users unrestricted access to hundreds games, experiences, 360 degree videos and other VR content without having to pay for them individually.