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Almost all female Democrats remained stone-faced when President Trump spoke of protecting the life of pain-capable unborn babies (as well as when he cheered low unemployment for minorities and the disabled and urged the fight to end sex trafficking), while they cheered wildly for themselves -the only point during the entire highly bipartisan speech they felt so compelled to enthusiastically cheer. At that, the women jumped up and cheered even louder. "Thank you very much".

It followed accusations of bullying made by a number of women against the wider party, including from Ann Sudmalis and former Liberal party member Julia Banks, who joined the crossbench. Like Portnoy, he said Trump started before Pelosi could address the audience.

Still, social media was left scratching their heads by Tiffany's bold sartorial choice, with some wondering if she was subtly throwing shade at her father or accidentally suffered a fashion faux pas.

It's far from clear, however, whether the approach will do enough to fix his strained relationship with women, who left the GOP in droves last fall in a suburban revolt that gave Democrats the House majority. Many celebrated the images as an illustration of how far the U.S. had come in 100 years since women fought for the right to vote.

Abortion is an issue that excites many conservatives - especially white, self-described evangelicals - and in Tuesday's speech, Trump appealed to that demographic with sharp criticism of new, controversial abortion measures in Virginia and NY.

During an off-the-record lunch for television anchors on Tuesday before the speech, Trump offered scathing assessments of a number of leading Democrats, including some lining up to run against him next year.

In choosing Abrams, Schumer also gives a nod to the importance that black women have long played in anchoring the Democratic base, including in many battleground states.

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All of which means that to the extent Trump and other Republicans highlight reproductive rights in 2020, that could end up energizing Democratic-leaning demographic groups.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D., Mich.) sought to get a dig in on President Donald Trump after his State of the Union address by saying "the library and the post office is socialism".

White was the colour du jour at this year's State of the Union address. But then the 2018 election showed that female voters were ready to put Democrats into office.

Our Women in White, our modern feminists, are not as intersectional as they claim.

White has been one of three colours associated with the Suffragette movement for more than a century, representing purity.

Rosewarne said the impact of wearing white comes from women doing it in large numbers, as seen at the State of the Union.