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She was found frozen solid in a snow bank in Kalispell, Montana on January 31.

The cat's owners rushed their "essentially frozen and unresponsive" pet named Fluffy to the Animal Clinic of Kalispell, where staff members worked to remove the caked-on ice off of her fur.

Fluffy's body temperature initially did not register on a thermometer because it was so low.

Staff at the animal clinic called it an "amazing success and survival story".

The couple had found Fluffy outside, and started to feed her and bring her into the clinic for check ups.

The cat was discharged to her owners the same night, and when Clark checked her on Tuesday, she appeared to be back to normal, he said.

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Typically, cats have a temperature between 37.5C and 39C, according to petMD.

"And finally, we put her in a heated kennel". "That's how we knew she was going to be OK", Dutter told TODAY.

Fluffy's experience highlights "the importance for pet owners to keep an eye on their pets, their shelter, and their water, and to have a place for them to be safe", Dutter said. They scooped her up and immediately drove her to the vet, which is probably what saved her life.

"Fluffy is wonderful", the post said.

Extreme cold weather is not only risky for people but for animals as well. "I've been in practice for nearly 24 years and she was actually caked in ice, like those ice balls were caked on her all the way around her 360 degrees all the way around her", Clark said. For Fluffy, her owners made a life-saving decision.