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On Tuesday opposition supporters returned to the streets nationwide to keep the heat on Maduro and demand that he allow humanitarian aid into Venezuela, where food and medicine shortages are rife.

Amaliexiz Mendoza, who lives in Cucuta with her 3-year-old daughter among the city's large Venezuelan exile community, said she would walk a thousand times to carry humanitarian aid to her countrymen.

The United States, Canada, numerous Latin American countries and the major European powers all consider leftist President Nicolas Maduro's May 2018 re-election victory to be tainted by fraud and have recognized Guaido, speaker of the opposition-controlled National Assembly, as interim president.

Guaido, 35, also said he was establishing a second collection point in Brazil.

A man holds a banner that reads "Thank you global community" near a warehouse where humanitarian aid for Venezuela is being stored near the Tienditas cross-border bridge between Colombia and Venezuela in Cucuta, Colombia, February 8, 2019.

An aid convoy supplied by the United States and Colombia arrived in the Colombian border town of Cucuta last week, where it is being held in warehouses.

"Nicolas Maduro should put his hand on his heart and accept that aid", said Mayerly Prada, among a small group of protesters on the Colombian side of the Tienditas International Bridge.

"We would like to make formal your knowledge of new banking instructions to make payments in USA dollars or euros", wrote PDVSA's finance vice president, Fernando De Quintal, in a letter dated February 8 to the PDVSA unit that supervises its joint ventures.

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Washington has said it will turn over control of those resources to Guaido once Maduro has been removed from power.

Last week, Lester Toledo, Guaido's representative in the aid mission, suggested it could be moved by masses of people converging on the border to carry the food and medical supplies across.

Maduro also claimed that President Donald Trump had "stimulated the fascist tendencies, neofascists, neo-Nazis within the United States" and the "extremists" in the United States manufactured this crisis as a pretense to invade Venezuela. Maduro called the American sanctions the reason behind Venezuela's economic problems that in this way the USA "has meant to create a humanitarian crisis in order to justify a military intervention". To do so, he needs the support of the armed forces.

"Amid the crisis, interim President Juan Guaidó has vowed to help deliver the aid packages by appealing to the military and opening aid routes with the help of volunteers". He said the U.S. supplies were sent in a showy display aimed at justifying a coup. "Who are we? Venezuelan doctors!"

"They are warmongering in order to take over Venezuela", he told BBC. What do we want?

Amoroso alleged Guaido has "received money from worldwide entities without any type of justification".

"There are many Venezuelans in Israel and many Jews in Venezuela", Guaido said.