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A Canadian judge has set the date for a new hearing in the case of a Chinese executive with the global tech giant Huawei, who USA prosecutors are hoping to extradite to face charges over bank fraud, wire fraud and conspiracy.

The ban was authorized by Section 889 of the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act [PDF], passed by last August Congress, which effectively bars U.S. government agencies and their contractors from purchasing or using telecommunications equipment built by Huawei or its Chinese rival ZTE.

"[We are willing to] work with the U.S. president and his administration to find a solution where Huawei products are available to the American people and the national security of the United States is fully protected", Song said.

The US government believes the Chinese company could implement so-called "backdoors" in their equipment, allowing them to gather vital data on US infrastructure, possibly under direction from Beijing spy agencies. Instead, the U.S. Government is using legislative overreach to interfere with the market.

"Huawei has not and will never implant 'back doors, ' " said Guo, the chairman.

He cited "harmful organisms" that he did not identify further, and said China's government "needs to protect the health and safety of its own people".

In a 13-count indictment, the U.S. Department of Justice accuses Meng, Huawei, and several of the company's subsidiaries of violating sanctions against Iran.

Ms Meng faces a May 8 hearing in Vancouver, where she was arrested while changing planes.

Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S. have all banned or blocked Huawei from supplying equipment for their future 5G mobile broadband networks over security concerns.

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The case strained Canada's relations with China, which this week accused two arrested Canadians of stealing state secrets and blocked Canadian canola imports.

China has warned of serious consequences if the Huawei executive is not released.

Although U.S. officials say the Huawei CFO court case and the trade talks are entirely separate issues, they point to the deep divisions between the two governments on trade and technology issues.

But Trump undercut that position by saying he would consider intervening in the case if it would help forge a trade deal with Beijing.

Australia's ties with China have deteriorated since 2017, when Canberra accused China of meddling in its domestic affairs.

In an explosive press conference, Huawei also accused the U.S. government of smearing Huawei's name, hacking into its servers and stealing its emails and proprietary code.

Huawei said it hopes the USA removes this section so it can work with the US and President Donald Trump. China is also blocking some imports of the agricultural product canola from Canada in development that could be related to Meng's case.

The Chinese embassy statement has said that due to "obvious political interference", Canada should refuse the us extradition request and release Meng.