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Some users are concerned that playing the game will lead to them "bricking" their consoles. Sony is now offering wide spread refunds to most of it's users when it was discovered that Anthem causes a total system crash on the PS4 console. Well, Sony is reportedly responding to the requests of some users for a complete and total refund on the purchase price of the game.

Let's hope Bioware roll out a fix soon, otherwise Anthem's notorious reputation is going to suffer another hit. "The console powers down and will not power on using the normal method of pressing the PS4 button on the controller", wrote one player. I suppose that day-one patch was just for show.

On the EA Answers HQ forum, at the time of writing, over 600 players have said they've experienced the crashing problem.

Anthem publisher EA has asked for help in tracking down and eliminating a rather serious bug that has affected a number of players on PS4 ever since the game launched late last month.

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To request a refund from Sony, you can contact PlayStation Support. Some of those commenting on the Anthem subreddit have claimed to have received a refund from Sony, whereas others seem to have been less fortunate when communicating their grave concerns to the PS4 manufacturer. In order to get it back up and running you'll need to rebuild its database through Safe Mode.

Some "Anthem" players on PlayStation 4 are encountering a major bug that both crashes the game and outright shuts down their PS4. Oh boy they keep coming for Anthem don't they.

"Then once the OS loads it displays a system error reporting page to send the error to Sony".

If it's one thing that proves Anthem needed more time in the oven, it's the reports that BioWare's new live shooter is messing with console and PC hardware. When a PlayStation 4 restarts after a hard crash, players are prompted to report crash data and the system runs a check on its drives.