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The scene starts off with Fury walking through rows of filing cabinet shelves when all of a sudden, Talos is shown with a gun pointing at Fury's face. As far as her powers are concerned, Captain Marvel is among the most powerful heroes in the Marvel universe. Could it be they're looking for the Tesseract, which is rumored to play an important role in the movie?

It is unknown if the low Rotten Tomatoes score is cause for concern but as the movie gets released tonight for advanced previews, we'll get an idea of the weekend's box office.

With 199 reviews presently accounted for, Captain Marvel now has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 82%, with 164 considered Fresh to 35 Rotten.

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That it does it all this with aplomb is another win for Marvel Studios mastermind Kevin Feige's practice of hiring innovative indie film directors - like "Thor: Ragnarok's" Taika Waititi, "Black Panther's" Ryan Coogler, "Guardians of the Galaxy's" James Gunn - to steer these big-budget action vehicles.

Because the movie is set in the '90s, Jackson had to be de-aged in the editing room to appear like a younger version of Nick Fury. This week, the studio answers back with Captain Marvel, the first solo outing for a female superhero in the franchise, and the results, critics say, are pretty solid, if not revolutionary. And now just before Avengers: Endgame, debuts we get to see the origin story of Captain Marvel and how she will be integrated into the MCU.

More importantly, though, Jackson's joke is a good reminder that as."fun" as it can be to obsessively pore over interviews hunting for details about a movie that's not come out yet, it's even more fun to actually go see the movie and figure things out for yourself, which you can do when Captain Marvel hits theaters March 8, ya nerds. Let us know in the comments.