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"Some radio stations and streaming services around the world are being asked if they plan on removing Michael Jackson's music from their playlists, based on the allegations raised in "Leaving Neverland"," said an ARN spokesperson.

Leaving Neverland, which aired on Channel 4 on Wednesday and continues on Thursday night, sees the two men - now in their 30s and 40s - share their experiences of the late singer when they were children.

In a statement, one New Zealand radio station, MediaWorks, said, "Michael Jackson isn't now on any MediaWorks Radio stations' playlists".

MediaWorks too confirmed that his music had been pulled, as a "a reflection of our audiences and their preferences".

For decades, Michael Jackson was one of the most beloved musicians on the planet, but now that is starting to change in light of the Leaving Neverland documentary that recently premiered on HBO.

The claims in the documentary have been rejected by the Jackson family.

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The film's United Kingdom premiere was marked by a large protest outside Channel 4's Horseferry Road offices in Westminster on Wednesday (6 March), with more than 100 people gathered to voice their support of Jackson and his innocence. Christine Dicaire, a spokeswoman for Montreal media company Cogeco, told The Guardian that the ban also applies to 23 smaller stations in the province.

Since the singer's death, the Michael Jackson estate has become a huge financial empire, with posthumous deals reportedly bringing in around $2 billion. Two radio stations that broadcast to over half of the country have removed the music now.

The documentary also shows abuse claims by Wade Robson, a choreographer who claims that Jackson abused him when he was merely seven.

James first met Michael when he was cast to join the star in a Pepsi commercial.

Robson has claimed he was pressured to lie in court at Jacksons 2005 child abuse trial where he denied any knowledge of abuse.

When HBO released Leaving Neverland this month, a documentary that may never leave our news feeds, so far-reaching and horrific are its revelations, one question kept appearing in my mind.