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It wasn't exactly the tale of Jonah, but one man still has a whale of a story to tell.

The moment was captured by photographer Heinz Toperczer, who was with the diver on board a nearby ship, said he noticed the water churn up before "a whale appeared and grabbed him (Mr Schimpf)". "It was an interesting experience, it gives me a connection to the whale that I do not think anyone has had ..."

Schimpf expressed his surprise and astonishment over finding the mammal out of nowhere, as whales would usually be spotted by the divers before they made an attempt to get close.

According to NSW National Parks, Bryde's whale - the species involved - can be found in Australian waters, but how many is uncertain.

A diver was swimming off the coast of South Africa to photograph sharks when "everything went dark" and he quickly realised a whale had swallowed him whole. "They are gentle giants, and it was just an accident". We got in the water and the next moment something grabbed me from the left.

Rainer Schimpf 51 has worked as a dive tour operator in South Africa for over 15 years

Bryde's whales, meanwhile, can reach lengths of up to 55 feet and weigh up to 30 tons. As part of the baleen whale family, Bryde's whales have a relatively small esophagus - smaller than the size of a basketball - suited to eat small prey like plankton, krill and sardines, but not something as large as a human. This was no attack, it was not the fault of the whale, and they are really sensitive.

Bryde's Whale is found in all oceans in temperate and tropical latitudes.

An worldwide team of researchers said they found a couple of dozen of these distinctly different orcas roaming the oceans off southern Chile in January.

"I felt a pressure on my hip", he said, but said that in a circumstance like that "you do not have time to be afraid, you have to use your instinct". He was part of the team that spotted the orcas off Cape Horn at the tip of South America.

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