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It said weightlessness, which can be simulated through bed rest, could affect muscles and bones through reduced stress and also shift body fluids towards the head.

The 12 male and 12 female participants - who will receive about $18,500 each - must eat, exercise and shower while in a head-down tilt position, as doing so duplicates numerous effects astronauts face in a low-gravity environment. NASA and the European Space Agency are looking for participants to spend 60 days in bed at the German Aerospace Center in Cologne-plus an additional 19 days preparing and recovering-in a study on "Artificial Gravity Bed Rest".

NASA has been conducting studies under its Human Research Program (HRP) that is dedicated to discovering the best methods and technologies to support safe and productive human space travel.

Yes, you can get paid to sleep in or hang out in bed in your pajamas watching TV for two months.

NASA has created the ideal job for anyone who really enjoys staying in bed all day, as long as they don't mind continuing to do just that for 60 days without a break.

Sound like your dream job?

Smollett's Attorney: 'We Have Nothing to Be Concerned About'
Earlier today , Mayor Rahm Emanuel told WGN Radio that he thinks Smollett should foot the bill for the police's investigation. Chicago police released part of their investigative reports Wednesday and said there will be no more information to come.

Some study participants will be spun in a short-arm human centrifuge that generate artificial gravity.

A volunteer in a bed rest study in a bed angled 6 degrees below the horizontal.

By the end of 60 days, scientists hope that the research will shed more light on the human physiological, neurological, and behavioural outcomes of spaceflight. Meals will be curated by a team of nutritionists.

Scientists will study if daily sessions inside artificial gravity chambers can help prevent muscle deterioration on long-distance space missions like the Mars mission.

The participants must all speak German, should be healthy and should be between 24 and 55 of age. Participants should be 153-190 cm, and have BMI of 19-30 kg / m 2.