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The new complaint alleges Ocasio-Cortez and Chakrabarti "engaged in a brazen scheme involving multiple political and commercial entities under their control to violate federal election law, circumvent federal contribution limits and reporting requirements, and execute an unlawful subsidy scheme".

Gaetz emphasized that the Green Real Deal does not include a carbon tax because "it would merely report carbon producing jobs, it would not reduce global emissions".

Northwest Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz announced his "Green Real Deal" Wednesday afternoon during a news conference on Capitol Hill.

Max Rose talks about the Green New Deal on MetroFocus, Apr. 2, 2019.

"[Rep. Gaetz's] resolution is the "Green New Deal-light" and another sad example of Republicans thinking they're conservatives by being slightly to the right of far left", they said. Gaetz said. "Of course not, they will laugh at us".

New Game of Thrones Trailers Reveal Major Reunions and Battles
So it's safe to say (hopefully) that this latest teaser is more symbolic than indicative of actual events in the final season. The Game of Thrones cast has always been tight lipped when it comes to promoting the new seasons of the HBO fantasy series.

Ocasio-Cortez followed up on Trump's response, offering an analogy of the situation now taking place between the president and Congress.

Gaetz's district, which encompasses a large swath of the Gulf Coast in the Sunshine State's panhandle, was lashed by the outer bands of Hurricane Michael, adding to the congressman's concern for his constituency.

"History will judge harshly my Republican colleagues who deny the science of climate change", Gaetz said. "Our innovations are, and so rather than trying to regulate the American economy out of existence while polluters continue to engage in industrial activity overseas, why not try to excite the American innovation that has always been the envy of the world and use that to drive better environmental outcomes". "The reason that they do that is because they need to fiercely protect a paradigm and way of thinking that says short-term gains are more important, no matter how marginal, than any long-term loss and any long-term cost", she said.

"This is very simple because I'm not one to deal in subtleties".