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Three days later, he predicted that he would sign a deal "fairly soon". "We have been encouraged by the tone of the negotiations", Myron Brilliant, head of global affairs at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, told reporters Tuesday. "We've discussed it at length", he said.

The Chinese are widely expected to agree to buy substantially more American products - likely including soybeans and natural gas - to help narrow the United States' trade deficit in goods and services with China, which hit a record $379 billion a year ago.

Trump said the American economy, which reached $20.5 trillion last year, is "looking very strong", despite what he said were "unnecessary and destructive actions" taken last year by policy makers at the country's central bank, the Federal Reserve, to raise benchmark interest rates to inhibit too-rapid growth. Mr Trump has suggested that at least some of the tariffs will stay in place, saying they are necessary "for a substantial period of time" to ensure Beijing keeps up its end of the bargain.

Mr Lighthizer is insisting on Washington's right to impose punitive tariffs on China if there is a violation of the agreement, and a guarantee that China would not retaliate with its own tariffs. Officials familiar with their negotiations say an agreement could give Beijing until 2025 to meet its commitment on US commodity purchases and allow USA companies to wholly own businesses in China.

Top officials are still haggling over how to enforce the deal.

More discussion between the two countries are due to kick off on April 3, with China's lead negotiator to arrive in Washington.

Also unclear is whether China will agree to the administration's demand for an enforcement mechanism allowing the United States to reimpose tariffs if it believes China is not fulfilling its obligations.

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Trump said Thursday that any summit would be "here", but he did not specify whether he meant Washington or elsewhere in the United States.

"We're getting to the point where it's clear that both governments want a deal". During his presidential campaign, he assailed China for the "rape" of the American economy. To pressure China, the United States has imposed tariffs on USD250 billion in Chinese goods.

It could be a make-or-break week for the delicate trade negotiations between the United States and China as they drift further beyond the ambitious 90-day clock set past year by the leaders of the world's two largest economic superpowers.

Lighthizer, the chief USA trade negotiator, also has complained about Chinese hackers stealing American trade secrets and discriminating against foreign companies.

The president's focus on securing huge new Chinese orders for American soybeans, aircraft and other products is expected to produce political gains in export-dependent states.

US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, who is leading the talks for the Trump administration, said there were still some "major, major issues" to resolve and praised Liu's commitment to reform in China. "We have to make sure there's enforcement".