KXIP vs KKR Live Score

If you're a Nintendo Switch player, you can score a brand new pair of Joy-Cons on a discount. In America, the game was released as Super Mario Bros. It's tough as nails, and introduces a couple of new gameplay mechanics, including poison mushrooms and strong winds.

Punch-Out! Featuring Mr. Dream - As young boxer Little Mac, players have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to battle the big guys of the World Video Boxing Association circuit. Take them on one by one, starting with skinny Glass Joe.

Also coming to Switch Online are Punch-Out and Star Soldier, fleshing out the lineup nicely. Battle up through King Hippo and all the way to the WVBA Champion himself.

Powerbeats Pro vs. AirPods 2
New Beats by Dre Powerbeats Pro will launch in May in numerous countries including Canada, priced at $329.95. Also, the H1 chip means that the Powerbeats Pro headphones can be controlled with "Hey Siri" commands.

Star Soldier: The standard for vertically scrolling shooters, Star Soldier is the original game that spawned all of the titles in the long-running Soldierseries. The good news is that you can totally avoid this disappointing situation by always keeping a second controller handy for backup. Your mission is to halt a galactic invasion masterminded by Starbrain, a giant computer inhabiting a floating space station.

Still, if you want to at least get a feel for the game with a console controller, nothing is stopping you from doing so. This tech is being utilised in Fortnite to offer in-game chat without the need for Nintendo's mobile application, and Vivox has made the SDK available to other developers to include direct in-game chat in their games too.

Punch Out! Featuring Mr. Dream is the virtual console re-release of the original Punch Out!