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The clarification comes amid reports that no F-16 was downed and all PAF F-16s were accounted for.

AWACS images show 11 F-16s.

This missile can be fitted only on F-16.

In one of the intercepts of the Pakistan's 7 Northern Light Infantry unit, the Pakistani soldiers could be heard saying that, "ye enemy ka jo tabah hua hai parinda, woh dono parinde wale pakad liye hain (the enemy plane which has been destroyed, we have been able to catch both the pilots from it)". India retaliated after 12 days as a fleet of the IAF fighter jets crossed the border and pounded a major training camp of the terror outfit at Balakot. "All attempts of the PAF to attack any targets were thwarted by the IAF", the IAF said. Air Vice Marshal RGV Kapoor had confirmed that, "during aerial engagements one MiG 21 Bison of the IAF shot down one F-16".

The first intercept was at 1205 pm on February 27.

The difference between the enemy pilot and the other one is noteworthy here. The Pakistani military said its stance has been vindicated. "The two sightings were at places separated by at least 8-10 km", it said.

Sources said electronic signals from the F-16 aircraft which was engaged by an Mig 21 Bison ended abruptly, confirming that it crashed after being hit. "Electronic signatures gathered by us indicate that Pak aircraft was an F16".

Delhi has claimed that the PAF used a pack of F-16s to violate the Indian air space and produced pieces of AMRAAM missile as evidence.

Pakistan has denied that it lost any F-16 jet during the aerial combat. The second parachute was witnessed in General Area Tandar, which coincides with the last location of the missing F-16 aircraft.

In a statement on Twitter, PM Khan quoted the scoop of a U.S. magazine that debunked Indian claims of shooting down a Pakistani F-16 on Feb 27.

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The Indian Air Force (IAF) and the Indian government are yet to respond to the report.

The Bison variant of the MiG-21 that the IAF flies can only carry four air-to-air missiles at a time, suggesting that Wing Commander Abhinandan never got a shot off before his jet was downed.

"Indian Air Force gave proof on it with electronic signature of F-16".

US-based news publication Foreign Policy had quoted senior but unidentified USA defence sources saying that no F-16 was missing.

Hindustan Times reported in a statement that the USA defence department "was not aware of any investigation like the one doing the rounds".

Reacting to the Foreign Policy report, Prime Minister Khan took to Twitter to criticise the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

And it went on to reiterate its stated policy on Pakistan: "It is important to note that since January 2018, the United States government has suspended security assistance to Pakistan".

"Generally in such agreements, the United States requires the receiving country to allow U.S. officials to inspect the equipment regularly to ensure it is accounted for and protected". Pakistan, for instance, is prohibited from flying F-16s out of the country without notifying the United States in advance.

On Thursday, two senior U.S. defence officials rejected India's claim that it had shot down an F-16 jet during the dogfight.