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The announcement raised expectations the statement Thursday could address almost four months of anti-government protests demanding that longtime President Omar al-Bashir step down and could be a sign that he is relinquishing power.

Bashir was ousted by the army on Thursday, brought down by months of anti-government protests against his decades of iron-fisted rule of nearly 30 years.

Gen. Awad Mohammed Ibn Auf, the vice-president and defence minister who was appointed by Bashir before announcing the president's removal on state TV, is "very much a symbol of the regime", said Ahmed Soliman, a research fellow at the United Kingdom -based think-tank Chatham House.

A military council, he added, would now be drawn up to run the country's affairs during the post-Bashir interim period. He did not say who would head it.

He also announced that the military had suspended the constitution, dissolved the government, declared a state of emergency for three months, closed the country's borders and airspace and imposed a curfew for one month. "He lied a lot", said Wasil Taha, a Sudanese editor of an English-language newspaper who emigrated to the U.S.

It called on protesters to maintain a sit-in outside the Defence Ministry that began on Saturday.

Earlier this week, the US, Britain and Norway for the first time threw their weight behind the protesters.

The announcement finally came hours later, from ibn Ouf, a key power figure in al-Bashir's regime.

Bashir remains wanted by the International Criminal Court for crimes in the western Darfur region that Washington has described as genocide. He was forced into a hasty departure from South Africa in June 2015 after a court considered whether to enforce the arrest warrant.

Protests against Mr Bashir, who has governed Sudan since 1989, have been under way for several months.

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Adawi is said to be favored by regional neighbors at odds with Bashir over his Islamist leanings. "We will only accept a transitional civilian government", Mr Sennar told Reuters. "We of course support the continuation of these deep-rooted ties", Erdoğan said.

Sudan strongman Omar al-Bashir, who ruled in autocratic style for 30 years, was overthrown as president and arrested in a coup by the armed forces on Thursday, with protesters quickly taking to the streets to demand that the military hand over power to civilians.

Sudan's intelligence service said it was freeing all political prisoners. This comes as people are celebrating in the streets of Khartoum on Thursday following reports of al-Bashir's ouster.

Clashes erupted on Tuesday between soldiers trying to protect the protesters and intelligence and security personnel trying to disperse them.

"Since 1989, Sudan's Omar al-Bashir has ruled his nation with an iron fist", said CBN News Senior International Correspondent George Thomas.

Separately, South Sudan became an independent country in 2011, after residents voted overwhelmingly for secession in a referendum.

The latest crisis has escalated since the weekend when thousands of demonstrators began camping out outside the defence ministry compound, where Mr Bashir's residence is located.

Other protests took place in 2013 when more than 200 people were killed and in 2016 when the country went on strike and participated in civil disobedience over increased costs of electricity, medication and fuel.

He became notorious for a brutal crackdown on insurgents in the western Darfur region that made him an worldwide pariah, wanted by the global Criminal Court for war crimes.

The protests in Sudan followed the success of similar but much bigger demonstrations in Algeria in forcing long-ruling President Abdelaziz Bouteflika to exit.