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After quite a long wait, Sony has announced that online ID changes for PlayStation Network are going live later today. According to Sony Corporation, every game published after April 1, 2018, should support this feature but there's no confirmation. Also note that when changing your online ID, you'll have the option to display your old ID next to your new ID in your Profile for 30 days. You will then be able to enter an Online ID of your choice or choose from one of the suggestions.

Explaining why this is the case the PlayStation Blog said: "The game must have launched for the first time on or after April 1, 2018, to support the online ID change feature".

So, the first change is free, but additional changes will cost £8 each time (or £4 for PlayStation Plus members).

You can revert your new ID to your old one for free, if you don't like your new one. Users that do decide to change their name can revert back to previous Online IDs as many times as they want, provided that they don't violate the current Terms of Service. If you have a child, Sony stated child accounts can not change their online ID.

Select the Edit button that's next to your Online ID. Will you be changing your PSN ID? The first change is free too, so if you've been stuck with a PSN ID you hate for years, you can rid yourself of it without having to pay anything. This is possible because old names won't be made available to anyone else but remain associated with the same account behind the scenes. Anything before that might not work or cause various issues, though Sony says that "most actively played PS4 games" will be fine.

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The feature is being rolled out on both PlayStation 4 consoles and web browsers tomorrow. PS3 And PS Vita games are also incompatible with this feature.

As with anything this monumental, there are risks to changing a PSN ID.

The feature is fully compatible with any game released on or after April 1st, 2018. Sony recommends not changing your name if you plan to keep playing these games.

You'll also need to check out your games to make sure they still function properly after making the adjustment.

The company say that users "may lose in-game currency whether paid for or earned", and could experience a "loss of game progress, including scores and progress toward trophy unlocking".