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In late March, Avenatti was arrested on federal bank fraud and wire fraud charges for allegedly trying to extort the Nike corporation for $20 million, embezzling a client's money to pay his personal debts, and defrauding a bank in MS by providing false tax returns to obtain a loan.

The indictments against Avenatti are for wire fraud, tax fraud, bank fraud and bankruptcy fraud.

According to the LA Times, one of the clients Avenatti allegedly stole from was a mentally ill paraplegic who won a $4 million settlement in a lawsuit against Los Angeles County.

Avenatti is also charged with not paying personal income taxes, not paying taxes for his various businesses, including two law firms, and pocketing payroll taxes from the Tully's Coffee chain that he owned, the indictment said.

The indictment also said he defrauded a MS bank of $4.1 million in loans by submitting false tax returns for 2011 to 2013 that inflated his income.

"Money generated from one set of crimes was used to further other crimes, typically in the form of payments created to string along victims, so as to prevent Mr. Avenatti's financial house of cards from collapsing", Hanna said.

Cohen pleaded guilty and is set to report to prison next month, and Avenatti and Daniels have parted ways.

Last month, Avenatti was named as a defendant in two other indictments from federal prosecutors in NY and Los Angeles.

Barr: 'I think spying did occur' against Trump campaign
The president did not name them but has previously blamed Justice Department officials and former FBI Director James Comey . I think spying did occur ", Barr said . "I think spying on a political campaign-it's a big deal, it's a big deal".

Avenatti shot to overnight fame previous year as the counsel for Stormy Daniels, the adult film actress who claims to have had sexual relations with President Donald Trump, and his bulldog approach to taking on the president and his legal team helped garner him endless spots on cable TV news shows.

The maximum sentence Avenatti would face if convicted is 335 years in prison. The plane has since been seized by federal authorities.

In fact, the indictment says, Avenatti "well knew" that the firm had received almost $1.4 million on May 17, 2017.

In another instance, Avenatti allegedly took $2.5 million from a $2.75 million client settlement payment to purchase his portion of a private jet, while falsely telling the client that the settlement was set up to provide monthly payments over eight years.

Avenatti only provided $124,000 to Johnson, the indictment said. He subsequently paid out small installments to Johnson and told him they were "advances" on the county settlement that he had not yet received. The money was wired to Avenatti in January 2015, but he hid it from Johnson for years, according to the indictment. The client was also denied social security benefits when Avenatti failed to respond to the administration on the client's behalf, fearing that disclosure of information the administration sought would expose Avenatti's scheme.

"It was signed before he was aware of the fraud", Robbins said in an interview, adding that Avenatti lied to Johnson in order to get him to sign the testimonial in March, shortly before Avenatti's arrest.

Avenatti, best known for representing pornographic film star Stormy Daniels in her legal battles with U.S. President Donald Trump, has proclaimed his innocence. He was indicted in California and NY on March 25 on extortion and embezzlement charges.

Johnson, who is now destitute, only realized after Avenatti's arrest the following week that he had been a victim of fraud, said attorney Joshua Robbins, who now represents him.